Cotomovies download with Cydia for your device

Cydia is a top level third party app store alternative application for Apple devices. Is it legal application ? Yes, Cydia application is legal to install for Apple devices. However your device warranty will be loose by Apple if you installed real Cydia application. What is  real Cydia ? This is a free application developed by “Jay Freeman” for jailbroken iDevices. What is jailbreak ? This is kind of unlock your device. Jailbreak is a “Break Ios restrictions”, Then device is freedom from Apple devices. Your jailbroken device can install third party apps without Apple authority.

How to install Cotomoives with Cydia

First you need to jailbreak device to install Cydia application. This jailbreak process is depend on the jailbreak application. You need to download correct jailbreak application compatible with your device Ios version.  This process can do with Cydia website. Follow these steps to download Cotomovies with Cydia

  • Download jailbreak application & execute application to install Cydia
  • Then open Cydia – Then add – Sources – Then search as “Cotomovies”
  • Install Cotomovies repo & enjoy with application features.

Unable to install Cotomovies with Cydia, Why ?

If you are unable to download this application with Cydia store, You need to follow alternative apps for your device like MovieBox,MovieBox Pro. Perhaps Cotomovies app will remove from Cydia store with issues. Therefore better to use alternative apps with your requirement.

Can download Cydia/Cotomovies for Android ?

Cydia application is only compatible to download for Apple Ios device. Cydia is unable to download for Android running devices. You need to follow TutuApp,vShare or alternative application instead of Cydia for your device. However Cotomovies is compatible to install for Android platform. So follow our source to download Cotomovies application for your device.